Anger Resolution Now

LOOKING FOR ANGER Management therapy?

Have your loved ones suggested anger management therapy? Does your anger control your life?

Everyone has moments when he or she feels out of control. No one is listening. No one understands you. Your actions seem meaningless and you fill with rage, with an anger that seems unstoppable. You become a victim of your anger, hurting yourself and those around you.

You don’t have to be a victim of anger and lost relationships. My name is Victoria Shackelford, MA, NCC, LPC and I am Certified Anger Resolution Therapist who offers dynamic psychotherapy services to the community of Austin, San Antonio and surrounding South Central Hill Country of Texas.

I provide anger management, anger resolution, and Jungian psychotherapy services in the offices of Integrative Psychotherapies and Movement Studio in Austin, Texas and Psychology Counseling Associates in San Antonio, TX.

Take control of your life by addressing more than just the symptoms of your rage. I offer men, women, children and adolescents suffering from trauma, post traumatic stress, sexual assault, broken relationships, anxiety-panic-stress and diminished living a depth approach to psychotherapy that encompasses the WHOLE PERSON and their experience of the world around them—not just the symptoms of their pain.

Don’t let your anger and depression drive away the people you love. Don’t let your personal pain stifle your dreams. Take control and resolve to change your life with me: Victoria Shackelford, a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor for the State of Texas.