Teen Counseling

Adolescence marks a crossroads for teens in Western culture that often does not come with a clear roadmap. As parents of the adolescent boy or girl from age 10 to 17, we struggle to provide our young adolescent child with all manor of involvements. From sports to band activities, dance and music classes, not to mention the tutors and other academic support systems, we try to provide teens with a variety of support systems to help them develop independence for young adulthood. This wide range of extra activities, on top of homework, addicting computer games, and the barrage of social media interactions teens encounter at this tender crossroads can equal real life stress for both parents of adolescents and the teens themselves.


As adolescents undergo the precarious right of passage that is puberty, they experiment with their developing somatic (the body) experience. This often includes moods that are forever shifting from volatile or depressed, to calmness and happy go lucky. They either want their parents around, or want us to disappear.
I specialize in working with families and their adolescents as an archetypal psychotherapist who provides home visits for each session. I meet you and your teen in your home, where we use a variety of art materials and therapeutic art techniques to facilitate conversation about our art and your teen’s daily emotional life. Home visits, in tandem with the therapeutic arts, provides a unique opportunity for adolescents and their families to get help and guidance as they learn how to safely navigate the path to young adulthood with hardy emotional intelligence. The images created by your child provide additional insight for them and my therapeutic analysis. Plus, your young person get the added opportunity to develop self esteem through the creative ‘Self’ that artistic expression helps develop.